Sustainable Luxury

Only the very best

The Importance


More and more each day, we see the importance of knowing precisely where our food originates, how it’s cultivated and raised, what biological systems are employed. Growing and ranching practices are the primary contributors to resource renewal, product quality, availability and inevitably to the economy of the food industry. And with allergens and intolerances, food-borne illness and disease making the news on a far more regular basis, it’s up to food producers to remain educated and to educate their communities.

Indulge by Chef Flor Franco adheres strictly to this philosophy, sourcing only sustainable and organic raw ingredients for each and every from-scratch dish we prepare and serve. Believing firmly that food grown from wholesome soil, livestock raised in open pastures, tended to with attention and care is an ancient tradition to uphold, the chefs at Indulge respect and advocate for the centuries-old art of sustainable food production. Choosing local when possible, the chefs of Indulge are deeply invested in their relationships with the farmers, fishermen, ranchers, and cheesemakers supplying their kitchen.


Making a Difference


Indulge knows that humanely raised livestock and poultry, responsibility harvested seafood, and sustainably grown organic produce is better tasting, healthier and ultimately more satisfying to our bodies and our environment, and it is for these reasons that the entire Indulge team is committed to using only these ingredients.

We welcome you to taste the difference!